Recording classes at Overdub Lane Recording,  Durham, NC

Each installment of the School of Rec program will cover four weeks.  There are two classes per week for a total of eight.
Classes will be held one weeknight and one weekend day per week at Overdub Lane Recording in Durham.
Each class will be three hours in duration with the exception of the final class which will be five hours.
Total class/studio time:  
26 hours

Class Structure
School of Rec is designed to supplement the home-recordist’s specific recording knowledge and abilities.
Due to the
practical emphasis of the program,  each four week installment will be limited to eight students.
Each student will have the opportunity and will be encouraged to participate in a
hands-on manner.
Supplemental reading materials relating to class discussions will be provided by the instructor.

$375.00 per student    

Lesson Plan

Week 1
Session 1
-        Class introduction
-        General discussion of characteristics of soundwaves and the reality of how we hear.
-        Overview of small room acoustics.

Session 2
-        Techniques for controlling and enhancing acoustics in typical home studios.
-        Monitors and optimal monitor placement.
-        Headphones and cue systems.  
-        Practical demonstration of how room acoustics affect a recording.

Week 2
Session 3
-        Overview of signal-flow and gain-staging.
-        Unintended clipping!  Headroom and distortion.  
-        Effective recording in the digital realm (incl. bit/sample rates).

Session 4
-        Survey of microphone types and usages.
-        Demonstration of general microphone placement and technique.
-        Stereo and multi-microphone techniques and phase.
-        Demonstration recording.

Week 3
Session 5
-        Signal Processing
-        Miking acoustic instruments.
-        Miking amplifiers.
-        Direct recording (D.I.).

Session 6
-        Recording vocals.
-        Guest drummer discusses drum tuning.
-        Miking drums effectively with four microphones.
-        Summary of sessions 1-6.

Week 4
Session 7
The band arrives.
-        Recording preparation and setup.
-        Record the basics tracks!
-        Overdubs and editing.

Session 8 -
Final Sunday
-        Final mix delivery options.
-        Mix the track!
-        Final Q&A.

School of REC - 1       May 2010                                     
(5/5, 5/12, 5/19, 5/26)        6pm - 9pm             

(5/9, 5/16, 5/23)                      10am - 1pm

Final Sunday
(5/30)                            10am - 3pm
About the Instructor

Jason Merritt is a recording engineer/producer living in Chapel Hill, NC.  The whole of his professional career has been dedicated to
recording and music production.      

Upon earning a B.S. in Music Technology from UNC-Asheville in 1993, Jason moved to Wilmington, NC.  In Wilmington, he designed, built
and operated DeepWaterSound Recording Studio.  

In 1999, Jason moved to Los Angeles, CA.  He quickly secured a staff position at Larrabee Sound in Hollywood.  While at Larrabee, Jason
had the opportunity to work with recording artists such as Dr. Dre, Hot Hot Heat, Alecia Keys, Courtney Love, Stevie Wonder and Mary J.
Blige.  As a freelance engineer in L.A., Jason was introduced to the world of sound for cartoons and contributed to several productions for
Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

Shortly after his return to the saner climes of North Carolina in 2004, Jason began looking for local studios.  A great experience mixing an
album project at Overdub Lane Recording in Durham led to a staff position at the studio.  

Within this same time period, Jason began a teaching position at the School of Communication Arts in Raleigh.  During his three years at
the school, Jason instructed in all aspects of recording and music production including Pro Tools software and 5.1 surround mixing.  
Several of his students have since secured jobs in the music industry.

At present, Jason continues his work at Overdub Lane. Recent projects include albums by Jason Marks, Tift Merritt, Lonnie Walker, Lois
Deloatch and Chatham County Line.  
For more information,
please call or email Jason Merritt
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